Unlock your child's Potential

August 2023-Melbourne, au


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"Unlock your child's potential"

A two day comprehensive training for parents of children with autism is designed to give you the tools you need to help your child:

Communicate more

“My tummy hurts.” “I’m hungry.” “I played lego with Jack.” “I love you Mummy.” Imagine your child expressing his needs, thoughts and feelings with you more fully and easily.

Become more social and connected

Every parent wants their child to have friends and be accepted. And you want your child to be an affectionate and involved family member. Learn to help your child become more comfortable and interactive with the people in his life.

Build Life Skills

  • Strategies for getting dressed, cutting hair, building good sleep habits, etc.
  • Strategies for toilet training, expanding his diet, etc
  • Confidence to interact with other school friends appropriately
  • Help your child become more calm and flexible so you can spend less time dealing with stressful situations and have more harmony in your home.
  • Support your child feeling good about himself and have more moments of happiness, confidence and ease. 

Plus you will:

  • Learn how to enjoy your child more.
  • Experience the energy and support of a community of parents who understand what it is like to have a child with autism.
  • Gain the confidence and clarity that comes from having powerful tools to help your child
  • If you are running a program, you have an opportunity to offer a comprehensive and inspiring weekend training for your strongest volunteers and play therapists.

Who is this training for?

This training is for you, if you are a parent or professional who:

  • Feels that your child, even if he is learning, is just not making the kind of progress you know he is capable of in his current school or therapies. 
  • Is hungry to know what to do to help your child more. 
  • Would like to review and deepen your current understanding and knowledge and get a recharge of energy and inspiration.
  • Would love to deepen your relationship with your child. 
  • Wants to prioritize your child’s happiness and positive sense of self. 
  • Have key areas of your child’s development that you know it is critical to work on

This training is not for you if you are parent who feels that your child is growing to his optimal capacity in his current school or treatment program or if you feel that you are not ready or available right now to implement the strategies you will learn. 

About Sean

Sean Fitzgerald has taught seminars for thousands of families and professionals in over a dozen countries worldwide. He was a senior teacher and Assistant Director of the Autism Treatment Center of America® and was a featured presenter at the SAAIF Autism Conference , Beyond Early Intervention – A Journey into the Life Spectrum Of Autism and a presenter at the Mindd International Forum.

Sean is the author of , “The Playbook: A Guide for Playing and Interacting with Children with ASD.” In addition to teaching groups, Sean works individually with families and children with ASD via phone consultations, video-feedbacks and In-Home Outreaches. 

What Parents Have to Say About Sean

Amelia will be part of the Autism Help team

in Melbourne!

About Amelia


Amelia developed a passion for assisting people with additional needs in her teens and has over 15 years working in the area of special needs. Amelia graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts and completed an honours degree majoring in Psychology. Since 2009 Amelia has been supporting families across Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland to strengthen and grow meaningful relationships with their children on the Autism Spectrum through a play-based, child centred approach. In 2012 she was awarded the Autism Exit scholarship to fund inquiry into the field of autism. Amelia encourages the practise of attitudinal fitness and provides parents and families with the tools to fuel hope.  

“Our son Nicholas loves his sessions with Amelia. She understands him and is very caring, professional and passionate about her work. She has been great and has helped him learn and progress in his RPM spelling skills. He can now communicate by spelling .  out sentences on a laminated board when he is open to it. I would highly recommend Amelia.”


Anita, (mum of Nicholas, teen with ASD)

“Having Amelia in our program has been a godsend. She was on board from the very start and helped train the volunteers.


I’m so grateful for Amelia who’s really good at identifying core issues, coming up with amazing, creative ideas that are broken down into achievable steps as well as giving feedback to the team members. 


Whenever my son’s having a bad day and giving her a tough time, she takes it so brilliantly. I admire her ability to shift from working on a goal, to just being there as a support for my son, all the while maintaining a caring, non-judgmental attitude and not getting affected by the unpredictable flow of each session.


We are very grateful. Her work has been tremendous in my son’s development. She has a big heart and is always ready to help. Amelia will always have a place at our home for she is part of our family now.”


Yen (mum to Terrence, 15 y.o. ASD)

“Amelia has been working with children and their families for over a decade. She is a brilliant play buddy for children with autism, connecting with and loving them wherever they are in each moment, helping them to feel safe and willing to try new things. More importantly, Amelia understands that parents can be the greatest resource any child could ask for and she supports them to be so. I can not recommend her more highly. She’s the best!”



Nichola, (mum of teen with ASD)

Upcoming Seminars

Melbourne AU Advanced Seminar

August 19, 20, 2023
10 AM - 4PM

 The advanced seminar is for participants who have attended a weekend introductory seminar. Topics will include: How to recruit, train and sustain an inspiring play team. Q and A to answer specific questions about your child. Video-feedback for a selection of children represented in the workshop. It will be an inspirational day to recharge you as you move toward your goals.

-* Volunteers and play therapists who have not attended the Unlocking seminar are welcome to attend the Advanced Seminar with a parent who has previously attended introductory seminar. Alternatively you may decide to send volunteers / play therapists to the weekend Unlocking seminar for a more comprehensive overview of the program.

Kapiti, NZ Unlock Your Child’s Potential Autism Seminar

September 2023

This is a comprehensive two day training program to give you the tools and strategies to run a play based program to help your child. You will learn to help your child communicate more, build stronger social connections, and become more flexible and adaptable in his life. This is a great workshop for parents, professionals or volunteers in a play based program who want to feel confident to use a play based approach. It is also a terrific review course for past participants or partners of those who have previously attended.



50% off for returning participants

Kapiti Venue

Kapiti Coast 
50 km north of Wellington City Centre
Address: 8C Ihakara St, Paraparaumu
On street parking will be available

Consultations and Webinars

Online consultations and video-feedbacks  allow you to get customized support for your child from your own home. Ask your most important questions. Review and update your goals. Have the opportunity to share video clips of your child playing and interacting with you or your team so that you can learn additional strategies and gain the confidence that you are making the most of your time together. Ongoing support available so you can get guidance as you move along the different stages of your child’s journey. 





Most frequent questions and answers

The “Unlock Your Child’s Potential” training has been designed for children of all ages. Whether you have a young child who has just been diagnosed or an older child/adolescent with autism, our training will share tools and strategies to help your child move forward in the areas of communication, interaction and social skills, independent life skills and more. 

Throughout the training we will address how the teachings apply to children at a variety of levels on the autistic spectrum. Specifically, during the language class we will focus on how to help a child say his first words, how to develop two and three word sentences and how to develop and extend back and forth conversations. No matter where your child is now, we will give you the tools to take the next step in his/her communication.

It is less important what diagnosis your child has and more important what challenges you would like to help your child with. If you would like to help your child grow in communication, interaction and social skills, move through challenging behaviors and develop independent life skills, than this training is for you. 

This is a great question and one that really needs to be customized for each child and family. During our training we will help you determine what would be best for you and your child, whether it be a full time home based program, several hours a day/week or strategies that you implement in a more informal way with your child.

Sean completed his training and achieved certification as a teacher at the Autism Treatment Center of America after a four year training programSean eventually became a senior teacher and assistant Director of the Autism Treatment Center of America. After fourteen years as a certified Son-Rise Program teacher Sean went on to become an independent autism specialist and is no longer affiliated with the ATCA. It is important to note that though the tenants of the Son-Rise Program© continue to be a core aspect of what we teach, Sean no longer teaches as a Son-Rise Program© teacher. Teaching as an independent autism specialist allows Sean more flexibility with where in the world he teaches and allows him to bring a larger breadth of knowledge to the families we serve. Sean has completed additional training in Pivotal Response Therapy, RPM, and is currently training in the Early Start Denver Model.

Through extensive experience, ongoing education and collaboration with experts around the world, he has incorporated a wide variety of additional strategies to help children move beyond their roadblocks and flourish where they were once stuck. It is with great enthusiasm that he brings this larger scope of knowledge to share with you in our training.  

This training is useful for anyone who has an active supportive relationship with your child. The majority of the participants will be parents, however we have designed the training so that any family member, team member, teacher or professional can learn strategies to help a specific child. 

We understand that you may have tried many things before with varying results and are concerned about investing your time, energy and money in yet another program. 



We are confident that the “Unlock Your Child’s Potential” 3 day training will give you the tools you are looking for to help your child take a leap in his/her development and we have decided to offer a 100% money back guarantee. In the unlikely event that, after having participated in the first full day of “Unlock Your Child’s Potential” training, you decide that you are not gaining the guidance you were hoping for, simply hand in your program materials and we will send you a complete refund within 14 working days.